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Skytech Holdings is one of the world’s first private space holdings companies focused on developing a multi-industry ecosystem to support transitioning humanity into a clean, energy efficient, multi-planetary age. By leveraging advancements in mining, aviation, biotechnology and more, we are equipped to solve many of the Earth’s most fundamental environmental problems, with industry-shaking solutions.


  • High Altitude Flight
  • Space Tourism
  • Point To Point Travel
  • Space Launch


  • Mining On Earth
  • Undersea Mining
  • Space Mining


  • Multi-Planetary Currency
  • Intra-Solar Banking


  • Brain/Neurology 
  • Body – Advanced Biometrics Technology

Our History

Skytech brings over 80 years of combined experience in space, satellite, aerospace and aviation engine development systems, engineering, and medicine including:

– Over forty years experience in space systems, beginning with the Air Force Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) program.

– Planning, budgeting, and managing over $250 million in hardware and software development for real-time data processing of DSP satellite sensor and systems information.

– Former executives from nationally-recognized aerospace companies created for development of commercial space transportation systems designed to carry humans into space.

– Over ten years assisting the Strategic Defense Initiative Office and its successor, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization in requirements development, technology evaluation and program assessment, including participating in development of the National Space Master Plan.

– Over 15 years experience in mining and energy systems exploration and operation

– Over 15 years of Avionic Engine and Systems Development

– Over 20+ years of Financial Technology and Integration experience

OUr companies


Supporting FULLY electric, low-and zero emission space launch, space tourism, high altitude and point to point regional & international flight.


Focused on developing zero-emission, fully autonomous and environmentally responsible terrestrial mining systems for use on Earth and throughout the solar system.  



Focused on leveraging cutting medical developments and emerging technologies to create platforms that support successfully landscaping and evolving human consciousness.



SkyFi is focused on leveraging quantum computing, financial planning, machine learning and blockchain technology to develop the financial infrastructure to support solar system-wide colonization, industry, and commerce.


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